Sunday, March 27, 2011

My computer!

This is my computer. she was beast when i bought her. her specs are:
Intel i5 2.66 quadcore processor
2x2gb ddr3 RAM
1.5 terabyte HDD
700 wat power supply
and a asus motherbord.
alltogether she was 700$ in a bundle from new egg about a year ago. She was deffinetly a beast when i bought her. ill definitely be doing upgrades in the future when she starts getting slow. but for now shes my pride and joy. I highly recommend building a PC rather than buying one from Best-buy. You save so much and get so much more!


  1. hot damn is that ever a nice computer

  2. We have roughly the same specs!

    You have a bigger HDD but my power supply is 850w

    Very nice sir!

  3. Building definitely is a better choice in most cases however I picked up my beast from harvey norman (using a mates staff discount)
    got a HP with 2 year full warranty
    2, 2 Tb HDD
    Bluray lightscribe DVDRW
    built in bluetooth and 8 port SD card
    8 USB 3 ports
    16gig DDR3 (2x 8Gig)
    4 Front USB2 jacks
    Radeon HD 5570

    All for only 900..

    The two year waranty was sooooooo worth it..
    and only 900 considering its a I7..

    (Australian prices)

  4. Awesome setup! I need a new computer...

  5. very nice
    I wished I had one similar
    I have an emachines desktop my parents gave me
    pretty basic computer
    single core
    1.66 i think
    yeah very basic
    I just added a video card and a 1TB drive to store all my stuff
    nice thanks for the advice I think blogspot is going to keep me busy for a bit which is good

  6. Nice! My computer suck, though. 1.2 GB of RAM, 140 GB HDD, and a GeForce 5500.

  7. Nice build! I have a q6600 at 2.8ghz, 2 gigs of ram, asus motherboard, 500gb hardrive and 2x geforce 8800gt. Got it around 3-4 years ago. Still works like a charm.

  8. Yeah, when I get a PC I'll definitely take your advice. It sounds so cool!

  9. awesome. needs more leds tho

  10. money well spent i say hahaha

  11. i also need to update my rig!

  12. Awesome m8 =) love the specs and look !

  13. You have done a good piece of work here!

  14. Nice rig. You should definitely invest in some upgrades though.

  15. Pretty beast, love the front of the case, not so sure about the window... Greats specs tho, the computer I'm using now, a friend made for me, cost about 1000 $ but works like a beast!

  16. ASUS do such good work. Crazy to think there already games that it wouldn't be able to run!

  17. Nice pc, would upgrade to an i7 sandy bridge :P

  18. Nice comp man, looks like mine