Friday, March 25, 2011

today was a meh day

So i went to school as normal, my mom dropped me off
she wrote me a note to get out of physics because  i didnt study for my test. hell yeah
went home ate spagetti
worked out pretty tuff, not gonna lie
i feel pretty acomplished other than my skipping of school
is a blog like a diary? feels like one
well its still 5:45 on a friday might go do something later
-super awesome mega


  1. that´s a super cool mom writing notes to skip classes LOL

  2. This was a post totally worth reading. You have a talent unmatched my blogger standards.

  3. I never got my parents to write me notes to get out of class because I didn't study for a test. I know exactly what they would have said if I'd asked, too.